Rediscovering the romance in the city

Written by: Lorena Magallanes
Posted on: March 18, 2015


Valentines might have come and gone, but that shouldn’t mean the romance should go with it. Treating your special someone shouldn’t be something that happens only once a year. It’s what helps keep the spark alive. And, as much as we all love dinner and movie, it might be time to move out of your comfort zone and start planning something exceptional. Here are some of my favourite ways to rediscover the romance in the city:

A picnic on the Toronto islands
With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thawing out those picnic blankets. The Toronto Islands are the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only are the islands gorgeous, but a picnic is the perfect way to get intimate with your date and really get to know them – without all the distractions urban life brings. You even get the opportunity to impress your date with your culinary skills by making (or, buying and pretending you made) a packed lunch for the two of you to enjoy on this urban oasis.

The theatre
It’s old-school, but getting dressed up and taking your date to the theatre is a tired tradition for a reason. While the aura of the theatre provides the romance, you get to look suave and awe your partner by showing them you’re cultured and refined. With Toronto’s incredible theatrical offerings, it’s bound to dazzle your date.

A board game café
Board games are a great way to get to know someone. The thrill of the competition often brings out the hidden side in people, whether it’s good or bad. So, prepare your game face as you tuck into one of the homey booths for a round or two at your favourite board game café. Toronto has options for both the revellers, and the reserved with cafés like Snakes & Lattes and Snakes & Lagers. Either way, they’ve got you covered while you take your date on in a battle of the die.

A roof-top lounge
Take your date to a roof-top lounge such as the Park Hyatt or the Thompson Hotel. The stars and view of the city at night will have your date swooning in no time. If you don’t believe me, just look at every romance flick ever-made – the roof-top is where the magic happens. Not only that, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to don your best outfit, and make a real impression.

A comedy show
Couples that laugh together, stay together – so why not go see a comedy show? Not only do you get to show off that alluring smile, but you’re guaranteed to show your date a good time over a couple of drinks. Second City and Yuk Yuks have the best comedy the city has to offer, so go ahead and start booking your tickets now. After all, laughter is the most potent aphrodisiac.

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