City vs. Suburban Home Buying

Written by: Lorena Magallanes
Posted on: February 20, 2013


With the Toronto real estate market reaching new heights, many a buyer are turning their awareness beyond the city lights. For city slickers, moving to a suburban or country home can be a big adjustment. For others, it’s a logical move to make at the right crossroads in your life. The needs of city dwellers may be proximity to work, the availability of great schools and the ability to float between cultures by walking a mere couple of blocks. For many women, it can be more daunting to leave the comfort of social circles that the city offers up with open arms. Some may see a big house and yard as a step up in daily living, while others are more content to spend the same on a one-bedroom condo in the city core.

If you’re an outdoor nut who enjoys the cottage life, having the beach a quick drive away is more than enticing. Smaller cities close to a big metropolis can sometimes give residents the best of both worlds: a beautiful, affordable house close enough to the suburbs but also with all the amenities of city life. And if you’re living beyond the bright lights and still working in the city, it might be time to ditch the commute in favour of more down time.

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