Best juice bars in the city

Written by: Lorena Magallanes
Posted on: January 12, 2015


Health foods like vegetables and fruits have seen a surge in their trendiness as Torontonians make living a healthy lifestyle as stylish as ever. This is why you may have noticed the sudden appearance of juice bars, detoxifying programs and all-natural cleansing regimes that are overtaking our city. If you’re anything like me, not only have you noticed it, but you’ve been capitalizing on that new juice bar down the street to give you the health kick you need after a weekend of gluttonous behavior. Here’s a list of my favorite places to visit.

Juice box
Sometimes you just have to keep it simple and for those times, you can’t go anywhere other than the Juice Box. Situated in the heart of The Village, this small store doesn’t over-complicate their recipes with fancy ingredients or expensive add-ons, they keep it fresh and straightforward. Aside from their daily set of fresh ingredients, you have an array of proteins and milks to choose from to make each juice your own! Don’t miss out on this cozy little joint and their extremely reasonable prices ($8.50 for a 1 Litre bottle… Crazy or what?) and definitely stop by next time you’re in the neighborhood.

Sunshine Wholesome Market
Dufferin Grove is where you’ll find this gem of a store. Not only does Sunshine sell some killer juices, but they also house some produce and household items. Owned by a very sweet couple, they run on the same theme as Juice Box and tend to stay away from overcomplicating their juices. But that doesn’t mean their premium juices are anything below spectacular. With prices varying from $4.50-$7.25, it’s a great place to give yourself a boost while also running some errands in the process.

The Good Press
The same geniuses who are behind Sunshine Wholesome Market have made their way to Yorkville and judging by their positive reception, they are there to stay. Any Sunshine Wholesome frequenter will feel at home at The Good Press as it does feature the more popular drinks from their College St location but there’s a definite difference in their atmospheres. Think small-town farmer’s market meets bustling New York subway and you’ve got the Good Press. With food options, a more fruit-central menu (locally sourced and organic when possible) and branding that will impress any designer, The Good Press is yet another juicy win for health buffs and hippies alike.

Romeo’s Juicy Juice Bar
Would it be Kensington Market without juice bars battling to be the go-to joint for visitors and residents? The answer is an obvious no and the battle seems to be over thanks to long-time business owner and wholesaler, Romeo. A veteran in the juicing industry, Romeo decided it was time for him to open up his long-awaited juice bar using nothing but the extremely fresh ingredients in which he uses for his wholesale business as well. Not only does his joint also provide food but he’s always experimenting with new recipes and flavors that keep the drinkers coming. Next time you find yourself in Kensington, do yourself a favor and stop by this juicy joint.

Popular for their array of vegetarian, vegan and extremely tasty food items, Fresh also boasts a wonderfully diverse juice and smoothie menu for patrons. I don’t use the word ‘diverse’ lightly either, not only do they have juices and smoothies but they also have immune elixirs, power shakes, and organic espresso shakes for those who want to get a little bit more fancy. Priced a little bit higher than the other juice bars on this list, it’s the perfect place to visit for a brunch you won’t regret feasting on and a healthy drink to justify whatever you drank the night before.

Toronto has no shortage of juice bars in any neighborhood. It’s become a matter of finding the best one rather than finding one in general and all of these great juice bars makes it that much harder to make the decision.

Think I’ve missed out on a crucial place? Let me know in the comments below or at @LorenaRomano and I promise to check it out myself! After all, you’re really doing my health a favor.

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