5 Real Estate Mis-steps Every Seller Should Avoid

Written by: Lorena Magallanes
Posted on: January 11, 2013

When you’re ready and waiting to sell your home, it’s important to not overlook the finer details. Certain key decisions can make or break how smoothly the whole selling process goes. Ideally, with strategic planning and certain special touches, you’ll sell your home for a great price in no time. Here are 5 Real Estate mistakes to avoid when selling your property:

1. Waiting until the season changes to sell. Though warm weather brings certain peaks in buying, that doesn’t mean people aren’t home shopping in the coldest of the winter months. Get creative with showcasing seasonal amenities like a patio or swimming pool; often, photos are enough to highlight how fantastic the features really are.

2. Visiting the home once before buying. Neighbourhoods can shift and change depending on the time of day or when you’re visiting.

3. Photography that’s not up to standard. Great photos mean an honest depiction that shows the depth and possibility for each and every room. This is how you will visually garner interest and entice potential buyers to check out the property.

4. Making major home renovations right before selling. Minor changes and updates often have a higher return since construction usually takes longer and costs more than expected. If you’re unsure of where to spend your money, think outdoors; curb appeal is what invites buyers inside the house.

5. Lack of access for potential buyers. It’s important to make an open house inviting and easily accessible. Think of parking and how most people will be getting there. If it’s overcrowded or hard to find, chances are buyers will skip it.


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